"A page turning self-help book that is as entertaining as it is enlightening."


Vampires Suck But You Don't Have To

by S. S. Bazinet


Take the bite out of personal transformation! Get your energy back! When you were a child, you wanted to play and enjoy yourself. Words like "drained" and "stressed" became a part of your life when you were taught to give your attention and energy away to others. But there's good news! What you learned can be unlearned. And the steps aren't difficult. They don't have to take a lot of time. With understanding and some practice, you can refocus on what makes you happy. That's what this little book is all about. It's about reclaiming your freedom and loving who you are. It's about creating a life that's fun!

Category: Self-Help
Format: Electronic Book
ISBN: 978-1-937279-01-1 (ePub version)
ISBN: 978-1-937279-00-4 (Printed Version)
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